Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1: Numb

Well, it's official. I'm barely even one day into my husband's first deployment, and I'm already full of doubts and anger towards the military.  He was supposed to have left this past friday, but the flight was delayed until yesterday. He was set to flight out last night at 10:55pm for Afghanistan, but his flight was delayed yet again, because of weight discrepancies and lack of flight time for the pilots. But instead of allowing him to come home early this morning, and staying with me for the day, they are making him stay at the airfield. They pulled out cots and made them sleep there. The only plus that I can think of is that he is being paid deployment pay while all of this nonsense is taking place!

Meanwhile, I'm stuck at home, with no friends in town, and a crazy cat driving me up the wall. I just wish that we could have a couple more weeks together to actually get settled in this town. I feel like I would be better off packing up all of my stuff and moving back in with my parents for the rest of the deployment.

So far, the only information I have is that first they will fly into Germany on an eight hour flight, be there for a couple hours while the crew refuels the plane, and then it's another eight hour flight into Kyrgyzstan. He's not sure how long he'll be there, but it could be anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days.

I have no idea when I will be able to talk to him next, but for now, I will spend my time filling out paperwork for my new job and finding various other ways to distract myself from the fact that my husband of only 6 months is only 5 miles away from me, and I'm not allowed to talk to him or see him.


  1. if you need someone to hang with, im just 45 minutes away!! stay strong, love!

  2. Keep your head up! It will be ok and you have friends back here and your FRG to lean on! Love!

  3. Lemme just say this girl, if there's one thing you'll have to get used to is the endless waiting and the never knowing anything until the last minute. When Kurt left for Iraq, they stayed on base for 8 plus hours waiting to get everything together. When they finally DID leave, I didn't hear from him for TEN days. While he was there (8'ish months) there'd be times he'd call every second day, then there'd be stretches of 10 plus days I didn't hear from him.

    When it was FINALLY time for him to come home, their plane broke down in Bangor Maine. For 4 days. He was IN the US but so far away that he might as well still been overseas.

    Gotta keep yourself busy, don't listen to rumors and don't play the "what if..."game.

    It'll be ok. You'll be ok. And when y'all are together again, alll the frustration and anger and loneliness just melts away and it feels like you haven't been away from each other at all. We've been married 4 years. Out of those 4, Kurt's been gone at least 30 months.

    (your sis-in-law)