Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7: My old friend, Happiness

I'm beginning to feel like all of this happiness is only going to make this next week feel even worse.  I love having my family here, that's for sure. Today, I showed them around base, my mom and I went shopping at Kohl's :), and we made a delicious dinner of Spaghetti Pie and cheesy garlic Texas Toast, followed by the Golden Globes.  I could not have asked for a more perfect day. But, now I have to deal with the fact that they leave tomorrow.
I really wish that they could just stay here with me. Or that I could just move back to St. Louis. *sigh* I hate being a grown-up.
I'm expecting tomorrow to be another tough one.

On the husband front, the only thing I've heard today from him is that they are on the move. Hopefully I will soon have more information on his base and such. *this won't be posted on here, you'll have to get it from me on Facebook, but I'll let you know when the information is available.

Well, I'm off to bed.
Then, it's time to tackle another week.

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