Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4: Overwhelmed

So, just when I thought that everything was falling into place, today happened.

This morning, I went online to pay our bill for our PX credit card, when I found that someone had already made a $100 payment on our account.  I was instantly concerned that someone had unauthorized access to our account, so I wrote down the information it gave me, and drove onto base to ask customer service about the issue. They were baffled, and finally decided that there had been a mix-up with accounts. So, I went ahead and paid the payment I was originally planning on making, and have to fill out a "Payment Dispute" form.  The lady at customer service kept telling me how amazed she was that I would be that honest, but I would only hope that if I had been on the other end, and accidentally made a large payment on someone else's account, that they would do the same thing for me.  : ) that was the only good part of my day.

Then, I went to the Optometrist at the PX for a free eye exam through Tricare, just to make sure that my troublesome right eye hasn't gotten any worse. After 2 and a half hours and tears over the fact that I still can't see out my right eye, I was given an appointment in Nashville with a retina specialist for tomorrow afternoon.  I am so frustrated with all of this nonsense. I can't believe that I am now going into my 4th year dealing with all of these eye problems.  I haven't even gotten the bills figured out from the last 3 surgeries I've had to undergo, and now I'm about 92% positive that the specialist tomorrow is going to tell me that I need yet another surgery.  I might as well not even bother finishing all of this work for my new job, because the surgery will surely put me out of commission for at least a couple weeks. 

Plus, if I end up getting the surgery down here, I will need someone to come with me to the surgery that can drive me home.  This poses quite a problem, because I still have yet to meet anyone down here that I would trust enough to do that for me.  So much is running through my mind about the next couple of weeks. *sigh*

Today made me want my husband back home more than ever.


On the plus side, I worked out last night, had a slim-fast shake for brunch, and a tasty salad for dinner. AND I'm about to go workout again, get my mind off things.

Prayer requests include: Kent's safety, my sanity, and for my granny eye.

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