Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 18: Kiddos!

So, last night was pretty rough. I stayed up way too late, because I couldn't get to sleep at all. Couldn't stop thinking about Kent, and missing him. Plus, I had to get up early, and go to work this morning, so I ended up only getting about 5 or 6 hours of sleep.
That was not enough sleep for the amount of energy I needed today.
Oh my goodness.
So, I went to leave this morning at 8:45, and my car was still covered in snow from the other night's storm.  Little did I know that under that layer of snow was a huge layer of ice coating my entire car. It took a good half hour to get my car cleared off and warmed up enough for me to drive it to base.
Once there, I went to the Post Office and finally mailed my first care package over to my hubby! Hopefully, he should get it within 3-4 weeks...which is a long time to deal with not having a mic for him on Skype. But, I think we'll manage.
After the post office, I made my way over to the childcare center, and spent the next 7 hours there. And, it's official. I love my new job. In the morning, I got to hang out with some babies and pre-toddlers, and I spent the afternoon in the preschool room. All afternoon, I did crafts and drew pictures for the kiddos, and I just can't get over how quickly they've all become attached to me. I love it! Their genuine interest in me is so endearing.
I'm so tired, that you would think that I ran a 5K today. Now, I feel bad because we I got home, I was too tired to play with my poor neglected kitty cat (who, by the way, is now laying on the floor under my feet, under my blankets. She's made her own FORT! I have the coolest cat ever.

Ok, time to go lay in bed until I pass out, which probably won't be long, hopefully.
Much love!

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  1. I'm so glad you like your job!! I worked in a daycare several years ago and it was horrible. But it was the people I worked with that made it so bad. I think you'll do great where you are!