Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 16: Keeping my head above water

Today was another pretty decent day.
I went to the doctor, got the referrals I needed for my eye doctors, and got told that my thyroid is enlarged. Subsequently, I had to get blood work done, and the nurse had to prick my arm twice, because she missed the vein the first time, which sucked, but I've had worse.  So, hopefully, I'm not secretly in some awful health crisis without knowing it.
Kent's package is coming along nicely. Just a few more key ingredients, and it will be in the mail tomorrow. YAY!

Tried to get in contact with my new boss, to find out when I should go back in and get the rest of my observation hours done, but she didn't answer, and didn't call me back yet, so we'll see how that goes.

Then, I went to the Commissary for some groceries, and made myself get some things that I don't normally get.  I got ground beef, which I'm always afraid of getting, because storing it is more of a task. (don't worry, it's currently in Ziploc Freezer bags, inside the freezer. All was solved). I also got some Buffalo seasoned chicken strips (already cooked) to make some buffalo chicken salads and wraps. Aaaand, I got green grapes, which are one of my favorite fruits! Super stoked!

For dinner, I pulled out our George Foreman grill, which neither Kent nor I have ever used, even though he's had it for many years.  Unfortunately, it's been used by others, and they did not clean it after using it. So, when  I opened said grill, I was greeted by some super nasty, super old grease and food particles.  After dousing it with soap and hot water, I was left with a dilapidated, sad looking grill, with many scratches and parts without non-stick surface, because the food had been sitting there sooo long.
Anyway, after that debacle, I made a super delicious cheeseburger with my newly-cleaned George Foreman. Btw, many thanks to Valerie for that suggestion...
I can't wait to use my grill more often, now that it's finally being taken care of!

That's all for today.
Prays are requested for Kent to be able to get more sleep while he's over there. Every time I talk with him, he talks about how much sleep he's NOT getting. I'm just hoping that he's getting enough sleep to be able to do his job properly and safely.
Ok, bedtime for me!
Much love and many thanks to everyone who reads this nonsense everyday!

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