Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 100: Let's Celebrate!

So, I guess since this is the 100th day of Kent's deployment, there should be some sort of celebration or tribute, like if it was the 100th episode of a television show, right? Welp, I didn't plan anything like that....Sorry.
Although with the time dwindling away, it's gotten to the point where each day is another awesome accomplishment. I cannot believe that I have gone 100 days without my hubby by my side. This is a record for us. After 2 months had passed, each day after that was a new record for the amount of time that we've been apart since we started dating back in 2007. It's just crazy to think about.
In awesome news! Kent's college roommate, Alex, and his wife, Kristy just had their twin boys today! I've seen pictures on Facebook and they are absolutely adorable! I literally cried while looking at pictures! lol. I can't wait to meet them when we visit Kent's home area in May. I love babies so much, and it's crazy to think that people from my class at Truman have two of them now! Congratulations Alex and Kristy! I'm so happy for you two, and you will definitely make excellent parents!

Okay. That's pretty much all I have to talk about tonight.
Much love to all!

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  1. Congrats on making it to triple digits! Maybe I'll see you around post this fall when my guy is home for good :)