Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 102: Just a Little Hello!

Don't really have a lot to talk about tonight. I'm just preparing to leave to go to my parents' house for Easter this weekend, and I'm really excited because I get to see a whole bunch of friends and a whole bunch of family! This will be my last hurrah before Kent comes home, and I'm just really excited to see everyone. Especially since the next time I see everyone, I will be accompanied by my other half! :)
So, I've been cleaning up the house, making sure Peaches' litter box is clean, making sure she's got enough food for the weekend, etc. etc. My suitcase is packed, and I'm hitting the road as soon as I'm done with work tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get to leave early tomorrow too!

AHHH so excited!
I just have one more day of work before a weekend full of good times and great food!
I'll see you all this weekend!
That's all I have for tonight....sorry to disappoint. :P

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