Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 104: Friends! What a Great Day!

Today was a really good one.
I started my say with my former Maid of Honor, Val, and we went to David's Bridal, where she needed to pick out shoes for the wedding that she is currently playing the part of MOH. It was really great to get to catch up with her, and it made me remember how awesome last summer was!
Then, I was off to the US Cellular store to pay my bill and get Kent's phone turned back on. Success.
Following that productive tidbit of my day, I spent 3 hours in a St. Louis Bread Co. with my girlfriends from college! It was super awesome. It's been sooo long since it's just been us girls, and it was great to just sit, eat, and talk FOREVER! I knew it was getting out of hand when we had been sitting there so long that I was beginning to want more food. lol. All in all, just a great way to spend the afternoon.
Girls, we need to do that more often!

After my girl time, we headed out to my grandma's house for Easter celebrations. We had some really good steaks, and my mom even made Cherry Dump Cake!! yay! Oh, and we played a round of Scrabble, and I won! great night!

I got to talk to Kent this morning on Skype, but just through instant messaging. But, it was nice to know that he IS indeed on the move. Haven't heard from him since, but I can only hope that means that his journey's continuing and he's not stuck at his first stop still. I am completely prepared to get a phone call from the automated system that makes me hop in the car before the Easter festivities are complete tomorrow! I just can't believe that he's coming home, and that I will be back to normal life, if only for a little bit! yay!!!!
Okay, this happy girl needs to get some much needed sleep. I only got 4 hours last night, so hopefully I'll do better tonight. Church in the morning, and then it's off to my other grandma's house for Easter dinner.

Much love to all!

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