Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 84: Landscaping 101

Today was a VERY long day!
I got up around 8:30, and hopped in the shower and got dressed for church, before Kent got on Skype. I was so pleased that his mic was working this time around. (it's been on the fritz for the last couple times we've talked)
Then, I was off to church. After church, there was a meet & greet for new people at church. We met some of the elders, and the board of directors, etc. They fed us lunch, which was a huge plus, and we even got a tour of the building, which really helped me to feel more comfortable, now that I know where things are.  :)
After church, I came home and had a snack, and waited for the hot afternoon sun to die down. In the process, I cleaned my poor little kitty's litter box. I felt really bad, because my week was so crazy that I wasn't able to clean it until today. It was pretty bad. Once the clock hit about 4pm, I decided it was time to tackle the big chore of the day: mowing the lawn. Dun Dun Duunnn.
It was quite the daunting task, and I had been avoiding it ever since my parents left, so I decided that today was the day. Ughhh it was so frustrating. My mower kept running out of gas, I guess because I was afraid of filling up the tank TOO much, so I just kept adding too little. Also, it was actually kind of hot today. It got up to like the mid-80's, which is why I waited for the majority of the afternoon to pass before venturing out into the sun.
TWO HOURS later, and I was done. Our yard is a whole lot bigger than it looks, that's for sure. Also, even though I slathered on the sunscreen about a half an hour before going outside, and even though I was wearing a baseball hat the whole time, I still managed to make my sunburn even worse than it was yesterday. Oh well. I'm pretty used to burning in the sun. It comes with my pasty white skin! lol.

Okay. Well, my super sore, super sunburned body is ready to crash, so I'm going to let it.
Much love!

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