Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 106: Cat Love

Well, I was lucky enough to not have to go into work today, so I decided to spend the morning with my mom instead of leaving early. We went to Goodwill, Target, and had lunch at Subway. Good morning. Also, I made a poster for Kent's Homecoming, and my mom laminated it for me this morning, so now it's water-proof!
I left around 2, and drove through quite a bit of rain, but nothing too serious, which I was thankful for.
When I got home, my cat was SOOO happy to get to see me. She's been acting Extra obnoxious, and it makes me feel bad for leaving her this weekend. I also found a spot of fur on my bed, where I can tell she's been sleeping quite a bit this weekend.

At least I know that she loves me. :)

So, the waiting game continues with Kent's Homecoming...I'm hoping it's soon, but who really knows at this point.

So, even though I hate to leave my parents' house, I'm really glad that I'm back home. I missed my real bed, and I missed having a tv in my bedroom, and of course, I missed my kitty cat! She's being soooo sweet, it would almost be worth it to leave her more often, just to get this kind of loving from her. lol.
G'night all!
Tomorrow I'm back to life as usual, unless I get a phonecall telling me otherwise. lol.
Much love!

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