Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 91: Where is All of This Motivation Coming From?

Today was a good day.
I went to late church, and the sermon was all about the raising of Lazarus from the dead. The pastor discussed the fact that when Martha stated that they could not move the stone because there would surely be an odor, it was only talking about the stench of death, but of the stench of sin, that's found in all of us. All in all, it was very good sermon, and it helped to remind me that one day, we will all be resurrected by Christ, and all of our loved ones we have lost will be among us again. It was just nice. Good to know that I will definitely be seeing my Aunt Linda again someday.

Anyway, that started my day off in a really calming way, and after church, I headed to the mall. I have been wanting to go to the mall for months now. I haven't been since Kent left in January, so it was nice to just walk around, be around people, and check out racks and racks of clearance items! And actually, I only ended up getting stuff from Old Navy. I ended up with two tees, a light pink one with some little embellishments, and a tee for Earth Day 2011, and two hoodies, because I love hoodies. One is bright turquoise, and from the Yoga collection, and the other is a zip-up cream jacket (no hood) with a super cute flower print on the front.
All of these were clearance.
All of them were an EXTRA 30% off, on top of the clearance price.
AND, the two sweatshirts were only like 8 dollars on clearance..
You do the math.
Great day for some shopping!!

After my retail therapy, I came home and ate some well-deserved lunch while I perused my Sunday paper that I picked up at Kroger on the way home. After watching Extreme Couponing this past week, I was inspired to make sure I picked up a paper this weekend, so I could try and scope out some deals of my own...didn't really achieve the kind of deals that those ladies get. Oh well.
After lunch, I watched some tv for a couple hours while my food digested, and got changed out of my church clothes, and into my RUNNING clothes. Thaaat's right. Me, the girl who "doesn't do running" had the urge to run around the neighborhood. So, that's what I did. I sprayed myself down with sunscreen, strapped on my ipod, and grabbed a bottle of water, and I was out the door. About 15-20 minutes later, I stumbled back into my house, and barely got my front door closed before I collapsed on the living room floor in a heap of sweat and exhaustion. I was SO over-heated, and stayed in that position for probably a good 20 minutes or so, even allowing Peaches to walk all over my sore body. lol.
After I had recovered, I went to the kitchen to try and scrounge up some dinner, and ended up washing a sink full of dishes, making 2.5 dozen sugar cookies that had been sitting in my fridge since February, and finally dumping out the last of the Cherry Dump Cake that my parents had made while they were here on their visit. After all of that, though, I sat down and enjoyed a nice Velveeta Shells and Cheese EasyMac for dinner. MMM, good stuff.

Then it was time for Army Wives and Coming Home, my weekly therapy session. First, I get Army Wives, which usually makes me cry because it's sad, and then I get Coming Home, which makes me cry because it's so happy, and so I get sad tears, followed by happy tears.
I don't know. It's always such a cathartic 2 hours for me every Sunday night...

Oh, and did I mention that I had a little bit of extra time between dinner and Army Wives, so I turned on the PS3, and did a workout video on Netflix? Yeah, I don't know where all of this motivation is coming from. I'm really baffled.

Okay, well this busy girl is off to bed. Tomorrow begins yet another week...another week closer to HOMECOMING!!

Alright. G'night all!

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