Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 90 Saturdays are exhausting

Hello All!
Another very long day... Today I worked Super Saturday...uggghhh.

I don't have a lot to blog about. I'm just ready for this deployment to be over! With each passing day, I get more and more excited, but I'm also reminded about how much I still need to do in preparation for Kent's return. I need to clean the house up...bad! It's a mess...yes, it's a mess, AGAIN. I had it all nice and clean for my parents' visit, but that was a couple weeks ago, and it really only takes me a couple DAYS to get my house back into
Also, I already need to cut the lawn again...I swear that by Tuesday, two days after I cut the grass, there were already super long blades of grass all over my lawn...sigh...oh well. I guess it was from all of the rain we got all day Monday.
Anyway. I just can't wait. I'm getting really bouncy bouncy!

Alright. I'm literally falling asleep over my laptop....gnight all

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