Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 101: A Day Full of Coupons and Hair Dye

WELL, last night was quite an ordeal. Shortly after finishing my nightly routine, and settling in for bed, I was awoken by the sound of tornado sirens and what sounded like a train hurdling towards my house. Naturally, I shot awake, and instantly thought, there's a tornado in my neighborhood. So, I turned the tv to the local channel, and saw that we were under a tornado warning, and that the worst hadn't even hit yet, so I got out of bed and began to prepare to move to the hall bathroom. So I grabbed my cell phone, unplugged my laptop, and as soon as I stood up, my power went out. So, I put my laptop back down, and instantly dropped to the ground and covered my head, again thinking that a tornado was upon me! After about a minute of that nonsense, I grabbed my laptop again, and ran into my hall bathroom, where I sat for about half an hour, in complete and udder terror. So, I texted Melissa, and asked her to let me know when the tornado warning had passed, so that I could at least go and try to get some sleep, and she called me back, and did her best to calm me down. lol. I was happy that she was able to let me know when the warning was over, because I didn't have power, therefore I didn't have internet. :(
Anyway, after the warning was over, I returned to my bedroom, and was able to fall asleep eventually, although I totally slept with my flashlight, just in case I needed it. Kind of felt like I was back at APO camp. :)
I was so grateful when I woke up this morning and my power had returned! When I got to work I learned that the majority of people who had lost their electricity during the storms had not gotten it back yet.

After work, I had dinner at home, and then headed to Walmart to get posterboard for a "Welcome Home" sign for Kent, and got some baseball card protective sheets, to create my very own Coupon Binder! What can I say? I'm a huge nerd.

Then, I finally got to dye my hair. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but just kept forgetting about it, so I finally remembered to refrain from using any product in my hair this morning so that I could dye it tonight. So far, my hair is still wet, so I don't really know how it looks, but it shouldn't look too much different than it did before, I was just dyeing it to even out my color. My roots were really bad, so hopefully I had an even color now. :P We'll find out in the morning I guess.
Well gnight everyone!

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