Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 105: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Christ is risen!
What an awesome day. I went to church with my parents this morning, and was reminded of how much I love my home church. It just makes me feel like I'm home. I don't know. It's made me want to go looking for a contemporary church in town again, because I just feel like I get so much more out of a contemporary service than the more traditional services. With the contemporary music, I can focus more on the emotions than trying to pronounce all of the words, and follow the tune. The newer songs just seem to flow so much better....maybe I'm just picky, but all I know is that as soon as I started singing with the Praise group this morning, I was verklempt! I even had to wipe away a couple tears.
Whatever. I'm just an emotional person.

Anyway, after church it was back to the house for bacon and eggs, as per usual Sunday mornings, and my parents went to the Fox to usher the matinee show. I spent the afternoon cleaning out all of my stuffed animals, and deciding which ones I still wanted and which ones I didn't. fun fun.

After my parents returned, we headed out to my grandparents' house on my dad's side of the family for Easter Dinner. It was soooo good. And actually, it felt like it was Thanksgiving Dinner in April, because there was Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, and desserts galore! Really good dinner! And, I got to share the great news that my hubby's on his way home, so it was a night of excitement.
All around a good day!
Now I'm just waiting to get word from my hubby about where he is now.

Also, I won't know until tomorrow morning about 30 minutes before I would have to leave whether or not I need to go into work that'll be an adventure. lol.
Alright. G'night all!
much love!

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