Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 95: I Have Food Again!

I'm doing so much better tonight than I was last night. Kent is fine, although he's super tired. There were some issues that caused him to be unable to get online for a little bit, but he was online this morning, which was wonderful.
Then today was just like all the rest. Went to work, got a headache from the screaming children, got to wear my new tennis shoes, and they're super comfortable! After work, I got out my coupons and went to the Comissary for some much-needed groceries. Also, I'm hoping that this trip to the grocery store will be my last before my hubby gets home, but I know that's wishful thinking. It will depend on how much I eat at I'm just ready for him to be back. Time is beginning to slow down for me, and I think it's because every day is beginning to blend into the ones around it...sigh...
Is it over yet?

But, other than feeling impatient for this deployment to be over, today was a pretty good day. I got to talk to my baby again tonight, and he got on early, and we were able to talk longer as well. :)
I don't know.
Maybe after this weekend, things will begin to speed up again.
Much love to all!

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