Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 93: Free Food is My Favorite.

So, tonight, my coworker Melissa offered to make me dinner, and I readily agreed, mostly because I'm completely out of food for dinners, and also because I just don't like sitting home alone every evening. It was really nice! It was just a Voila! Frozen skillet meal, but it was nice not to cook for myself for once. It was a very nice, free meal. Much appreciated. Especially because I'm completely exhausted today.

Hopefully I'll end up making sense in this post, but my brain is all over the place tonight. I feel like I can't put words together to create correct sentences.
Anyway, had a good day. Work, dinner with Melissa, and then I helped her with getting her 2 kids in bed, which was also nice. Gave me a glance at what my life will be like eventually. Annd made me very happy that I don't have any kids yet. I will definitely be waiting at least a couple more years before that happens. I'm not cut out for having my own babies yet. That's for sure!
I'm not making sense to myself anymore.
Good night all!

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