Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 89: Bittersweet Results

Well, after the drama that was the last couple days of my life, Congress was finally able to reach an agreement on a framework for the budget, meaning no governmental shutdown.
Which is AWESOME! I was beginning to wonder what we were going to do without Kent's paycheck if the shutdown were to have gone into effect.
I'm so happy that our law-makers were finally able to work together to avoid such an extreme result. Although, I feel like they waited until the ABSOLUTE last minute to do so...
But anyway.
The drawbacks to the shutdown not happening are quite simple: Now I have to go to work tomorrow. sigh.... Really?
I'm just really starting to get sick of these Super Saturdays. I know that the families really appreciate them, and I don't blame them. An entire Saturday of childcare? FOR FREE!? TWICE a month!!? That's unheard of in the civilian world.
I think what really bugged me about the Super Saturday happening tomorrow, was the parents' general lack of concern for the workers that would no longer be getting paid! Yes, what a tragedy that a Super Saturday wouldn't be happening, but really the bigger problem was that the Super Saturday wasn't going to happen BECAUSE SOOOO many CYSS employees would be UNemployed!!! Really parents?! You're concerned about what to do with your child for one saturday? Open your eyes, and consider the bigger picture.

Thankfully, those jobs are still intact.
Thankfully, my husband will be getting paid in full next Friday.
Thankfully, I will continue to be able to work in my center, instead of being transferred across base to another center.
Unfortunately, I need to get to sleep super quick, because I have to be on post at 8:30am....

Anyway. That's my rant for tonight.
much love to all!

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