Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 86: I Can Officially Save Your Life

Well, this morning I had my CPR training for work, so now I can officially say that I know how to save people's lives. Or so they say. lol. The class was only 2 hours long, and we only took up about 1 hour 40 minutes of that, so I'm not really sure how thorough my training actually was, but I definitely know more about CPR than I did before the course, so I think that's what really matters. :)
After CPR training, I went to work, which was pretty good. It's always refreshing when I see a child that used to scream non-stop when they were dropped off playing with the other children. It's just good to see progress in each of them. I also really like seeing them graduate over to the room across the hall too, though. After a while, you start to dread some of the children's arrival! It's just good to not have to worry about them showing up and ruining your perfectly good day with their misbehavior and loud screams. :P

Anyway. After work, I listened to my voicemail, and had a message from the choir/handbell director at church asking if I was interested in taking over for one of the handbell members who is supposed to be giving birth this week. So, I ventured across town, and ended up staying for choir rehearsal as well. I really enjoyed choir, mostly because I've really missed singing in a choir setting for quite some time. But, I'm not really sure how committed I am to joining the choir and singing with them weekly. They meet on Tuesday nights at 7...which is Glee....and then on Sunday mornings, they meet at 7:35am to warm-up and run through the music again, and that would mean I would need to leave the house about 7am, which means to look good for church, I would need to get up around 6am...I just don't know if I'll be able to do that every sunday morning....we shall see I guess.

But, it was good to get to know some more of the members of the church, and although I really don't think I'll remember many of their names, I do remember their faces, and I'm sure they'll remember me, and that's all that really matters. Yay for putting myself out there!
Alright. I'm tired.
Much love to all!

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