Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 83: Sale-ing and Sunburning

Today was a really good day.
I went over to my coworker, Melissa's house, where she was having a multi-family garage sale this morning, and it was a great time. I got a small bookcase, an artificial Christmas tree, and a lovely pair of Corona pants. :)
But, I also helped with the sale in general. It was good to be around people on a Saturday. Also, I got to take care of Melissa's baby for a little bit while they were all cleaning up, and she was so cute! Just an all-around good time!

After the sale was over, I came home to unload my garage sale goodies, and get down to cleaning. Also, Melissa said that they are planning on having another garage sale soon, so I was motivated to start making a pile of things to sell at this future sale. I was going to go out and cut the grass, too, since today was so beautiful, but after putting the bookcase in its new home, and organizing the office for an hour or so, I realized that I was completely sunburnt! My face is beet red from this morning, and so are my arms (strangely, my right arm is significantly more burnt than my left arm...) and now I hurt... :(

But, despite the burn, I was able to get a lot of stuff done around the house today. I did laundry, I organized the closet in our office, I filled two boxes with stuff to get rid of, I completed 3 more pages in my scrapbook, and finally watched my Netflix movie that's been sitting on my TV stand for over a week! Overall, I'm pleased with what I got accomplished today. I just hope that this sunburn doesn't last too long. I don't really feel like showing up to church in the morning looking like a lobster!
Oh well. Just another sign that Spring is here!...hopefully...

I'm off to enjoy the rest of SNL before bedtime.
Much love to all!

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