Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 99: Lovin' Life! Is that bad?

Today was another good one. I'm starting to get a little concerned that all of these good days are just getting my spirits up, only to have them crushed in a couple of days. Oh well, I'm going to enjoy them while I've got them.

Let's see, I went to work, and found out that Melissa's going to be out for the rest of the week. :( Apparently she fell yesterday and busted up her knee pretty bad. Anyway, that means that I'm guaranteed to have to be at work every day until 5pm.... :( I was really hoping I could weasel myself out of work early on Friday, so that I could head back up to home earlier for Easter weekend. I don't know, maybe I can still talk them into it. Doubt it.

Um, after work, I came home, watched a whole bunch of television, and forgot to eat dinner....oops. I had a small snack of cottage cheese and mandarin oranges at about 8:30, once I had realized that I hadn't eaten anything. Then, I finally got to have a complete conversation with Kent on Skype for the first time in about 2 days. It was nice to get to just be able to talk to each other without needing to type, or wait for Skype to reconnect several times over. He says that time is going by really slowly for him, and that makes me feel guilty, because time is FLYING for me! My daily routine lends itself towards speedy days. I get up around 8:30, wait for my hubby to get online, talk to him, play around on Facebook, eat lunch, watch some tv, go to work, get off work, come home, USUALLY I fix dinner, watch about 2.5 hours of primetime tv, talk to Kent again, and blog and go to sleep. It's not the most exhilarating routine, but it works for me, and it helps the days go by quicker. :)
Anyway. I am going to bed now, and hopefully the dogs at the house behind me don't start barking at 6am again, like they did this morning.... >:(

G'night all!
Much love!

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