Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 25: Hatred

I had such a bad morning.
First, I drove 20 minutes to the eye doctor, only to sit for 20 minutes, and then find out that my insurance stuff still isn't taken care of, and I have to wait on Tricare in order to get my referral that I need. So, I drove 20 minutes back home, livid as all get-out at Tricare. I can't BELIEVE how messed up this system is.  CANNOT BELIEVE IT. This is supposed to be the health care system given to the men and women who are serving this country and their family members, but apparently, if you don't get services on base, or if there's anything wrong with you that's any more serious than a cold or flu, then it takes over a month to even get permission to see the doctor that you need. FRUSTRATION!!!!!!
I hate it. Absolutely hate it.

Anyway, so I get home about 10:07 am, only to find out that Kent tried to Skype me at 10:04, so of course, I start to get really upset, because I'm afraid that he's already given up. I called him really quick, and thank the Lord, he answered. I was so happy that something was working out! So, I cried to him about the injustices of Tricare, and after I calmed down, we had a nice conversation. I love how easy it is for him to make me smile, even when I'm having the absolute WORST day!

After our skype date, I went into the kitchen to make some lunch, and was, of course, joined by Peaches.  She loves to follow me EVERYWHERE now. It's cute, but after a while, it's a little frustrating. Whatever.
So, for lunch, I had a nice big salad, with tuna on top, which made Peaches nuts! I also got a nice glass of milk, because I love milk.  Now, Peaches LOVES to stick her paw into cups and topple them over for some reason.  Not thinking about it, I went back in the bedroom to eat my lunch (for some reason, I don't sit in the living room at all anymore) and placed my cup of milk on a tv tray.  I looked away for probably 3 seconds and heard an awful noise. The noise of my cup being tipped over by an overly curious cat....
There. was. milk. every. where. EVERY. WHERE.
I have NEVER been so mad at that cat. The milk was all over the carpet, the bed, my shoes, the tv tray, some socks, oh and did I mention ALL over the carpet? Even UNDER the bed.
I was Livid.

Sooo mad.
Thankfully, Peaches is all that I have, so she did not become mince meat. But, she DID hide under the bed the rest of the time that I was home...I think I scared her a little......oops.

But, that was the most excitement of my day. After that madness, I headed to work, managed to avoid working at the CD home again tonight until 9:15...UGH, tooo tired.
I got my new Netflix movie in the mail, Ramona and the Beezus. Yes, I am 7 years old. Get over it!

That's all for now!

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