Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 23: Confusion

Today, I got a call from my boss, asking if I could come and work in the Baby room in the afternoon, so of course, I agreed, and  after going to turn in the rent and talking to the hubby on Skype, I headed out the door, umbrella in hand, armed with my brand new nametag! I was so excited to finally be counted into the ratio count, and not just be some observer in the corner, scared to do anything with any of the kids.

But it was just confusing. I can't decide if I like the baby room or not.  I love being around the babies and pre-toddlers. They're so adorable, and watching them figure out simple tasks such as rolling over and standing on their own is such a great experience.  But some of the girls that work in the room with me are...beginning to lose that interest in those new experiences.  A couple of them seem more concerned with discussing their own lives and problems than paying attention to the children. 

I think one of the most frustrating parts of my day was when I was pushing the remaining little kids in the buggie up and down the hallway. Since I still haven't passed my background check, I'm not allowed to be left alone with the kids. It's fine for me to push them in the buggie, but only when one of the other caregivers is in the hallway with me. Well, around 4:55, both of the caregivers that were out in the hallway while I was walking with the children, decided to go back into the classrooms, leaving me alone. I was instantly panicked, because I was afraid that I would be the one that would end up getting in trouble. So, I proceeded to hurry my way back to the classrooms, so that at least they could see me through the windows. Needless to say, apparently I was the only one concerned about this brief miscalculation.  Oh well.

I guess I'm still in the transition period. It'll take a while to get used to the way things are done in the center, and the dynamics of the people who work there. 

I hate new things.

But, anyway. I'm on a trial basis for the baby room this week. Sooo we'll see what happens.

that's all for now!
prayers for the safety of all of my friends and family living through the snow-pocalypse of 2011.  When you dig your way out, make sure you actually take some time to enjoy the snow.

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