Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 45: Diapers and Naptime! OOoo what joy!

Well, folks, it's official. I'm now approved to change diapers at work!!
Isn't that just spectacular!? lol
Even though I know that it's going to end up being gross and something that I hate, it also feels good to pull my own weight in the room. Lately, I've been feeling like I'm a burden to the other caregivers, because I can't be left alone with the children until my background check goes through, and until today, I wasn't allowed to change diapers, because I hadn't been observed doing it yet.  So, now I feel like I'm not completely useless.

Today was a pretty good day, although we had many a moment of 3 or more children screaming their heads off for no reason.

Also, I was finally able to put one of the pre-toddlers to sleep on a cot. Lately I've been having problems discovering the secret to the back rub technique, and today I was finally successful! It felt really good to know that I was the sole person responsible for that child's nap! lol. I sound silly, but these are apparently the things that excite me now: diapers and naps... wow.

Each day, I get more and more excited about Kent's homecoming. I've even started debating about which outfit I want to wear, whether or not I want to have a friend come down and take pictures for me ( I really want the classic homecoming hug picture!), etc, etc.
I have to constantly remind myself that I still have the rest of February, all of March, and most of April before he's home, and that I shouldn't be too excited, but it's hard not to...
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I have work the next two days, and then I have the honor of working my first super saturday this saturday from 9-5, which should be an experience, to say the least.
Anywho! Bed is calling me, so that's all for tonight, I think.
Much love to all!

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  1. Yay Jess! Don't you love all the restrictions that are put on caregivers, but it's good to protect the little kiddos, I mean "children" or "friends". Anyway, you know I'm game for a homecoming if I can if you decide you want a photographer! Love you friend!