Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 31: One Lazy Wednesday

Well, today I woke up and took a shower (YAY! That was much needed...) and then got to talk to my hubby, which was the perfect beginning to today. 
Then, I had some soup for lunch, and before heading out the door for work, I decided to check the weather outside....WOW! It was NUTS!
By noon, my neighborhood was already completely covered in at LEAST 2 inches of snow, and there was no sign of it letting up anytime soon, so I decided to call work to make sure that they were planning on being there all day. The receptionist, Courtney told me that, yes, they were all still there, and so I told her to tell the infant room that I was on my way, but that I was probably going to be late for my 12:30 shift, with the way that the roads were looking.  So, she said she would, and I finished getting ready, opened the garage, backed the car out, and got out of the car to close the garage door (I hate not having an electric garage door...) and my phone starting ringing.  It was work calling back! Courtney told me that she talked to the infant room lead about my being late, and that she said to tell me just to stay at home today. The roads were such a mess, and were only going to get worse, so it was just best for me not to go in. I was SOOOO relieved. I was terrified about trying to get to work, and even worse, trying to get back home later, so being told to stay home was such a great feeling.

So, basically, after that, I didn't do too much. :)
I paid the electric bill over the phone.
I wrote a couple checks for the eye doctors back in St. Louis
I.....made cookies! Chocolate chip Oatmeal!! YUMMY YUMMY!
annnd what else?

that's about it....
productive day.

Well, anyway, it was a good day, and that's what matters, right?
Unfortunately, at this point, I still have to go to work tomorrow....soooo BEDTIME!!

Much love to all.

P.S. Can you tell that I'm just a little bit HYPER tonight? lol. We'll see if sleep comes easy tonight or not....

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