Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 48: Is this high school?

So, today was....I have no words.
Thankfully, my hubby is amazing, and he called USAA and got it all straightened out last night. I LOOOOOOVE HIM!!!
So, this morning before I went to work, I was able to deposit the check, and all is well in the money world again! SUCCESS!

So, then it was off to Super Saturday. I was in one of the infant rooms, which was good, because I was a little worried about being put in a toddler room where I would feel more out of my element, and the babies that we had were fairly well-behaved and happy babies, so that was good. But, the girls that were that room with me. Ridiculous. I haven't seen a clique-y group like that since...the last time I watched Mean Girls. I literally could not believe how nasty they were to me all day. They acted like they didn't want anything to do with me, and basically pretended that I wasn't there.  I think it's because we were at the center that they work at on a regular basis, PLUS, we were in the their regular room, so I think they were feeling very territorial.  It was ridiculous. I was getting scolded left and right, because "that's not the way we do things here.", and I was apparently the dumbest person in there, because every time a question was asked, nobody listened to the answer that I offered. I was so confused all day.  Also, none of them asked me anything. No normal questions such as, "Where are you from originally?, How long have you been at Ft. Campbell?, Which center do you usually work at?, or What's your name??"  None. Apparently I was so uninteresting, that nothing that I had to say was of any great importance to any of them. Unbelievable.

AND another thing! Two of them weren't even wearing name tags. GRRRR. When I went through orientation, I was told by the lead trainer, that if anyone is working in the center, and they don't have a name tag on, that it is viewed as a LIFE THREATENING CHILD ABUSE INCIDENT.  Basically, if an inspector had walked in, they could have gotten fired, and the rest of us probably could have been written up for not reporting it.
Oh, and one more thing. They just got video cameras put into the center, and the girls spent all day complaining about the fact that their bosses could see them texting and not doing their job now. BOO HOO!

Needless to say these ladies will be reported come Monday morning. (by me, obviously)
And yes, I'm a snitch. I'm a tattle-tale. Whatever. They should have treated me with some respect.

Anyway, it was a rough day, and I was so relieved to be able to Skype with my baby tonight. Great ending to an ugly ugly day.

Ok, bedtime.
Much love to all of my lovely friends that I miss so deeply today!

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