Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 47: USAA blunders

Well, today was interesting. I'm so glad that this week is over, but I'm kind of dreading tomorrow. This Super Saturday thing is great for the spouses of deployed soldiers, but it kind of sucks for those of us who have to work. I have to be there at 8:30, and I'm not really that tired right now... so I don't know if sleep is going to come that easy tonight.
But, today was better than yesterday, for sure. I already feel a little bit more comfortable in the rooms. I've gotten a little better at diapers, at getting children to sleep, at knowing when to pick them up, and when not to, etc.
Also, I found out this week that we're getting t-shirts for the "Month of the Military Child" or MOMC, and for the staff, they're free! I love free shirts. For some reason, now matter what the shirt looks like, if it free, then it's fantastic!! haha
But, anyway, I got home from work, and wrote up a check to put into our USAA account from our Bank of America account, to pay for Kent's car loan on the 1st, and it was a total mess. First, I couldn't answer one of his security questions, so I got locked out of his account. So, I called the toll free number, and asked them to unlock it, and he said that he couldn't unlock the account, because it was under Kent's name, and apparently I'm not authorized to unlock his account. So they had me set up my own screen name for our account, so I could log on as myself and take care of it. After about 20-25 minutes on the phone, I finally logged in as myself, said thank you, and hung up. Then I went to the deposit function, and as it turns out, my account is not authorized to make deposits. I'm assuming that this is because I'm not the main account holder, but really??? Really??? I had even told the guy on the phone that I was wanting to make a deposit using my scanner. Couldn't he have told me on the phone that I wouldn't be able to do that under my screen name!?!? He's the one that set it up!!!
I was beyond angry. I couldn't believe the run-around that I was getting. I would assume that the bank that was made for the Armed Forces, would understand that my husband is in Afghanistan, and that for the time being, I'm in control of the finances. I AM Kent for the next two months. Whatever. Frustrating.
Thankfully, my husband is amazing, and he is currently on the phone with USAA, as far as I know at least. He said that he would call me back later to let me know the status of the situation. Hopefully all of this nonsense will be worked out. I didn't know that depositing a check each month would be so difficult.
So, as a result of all of this bank ridiculousness, I was unable to attend the Going Away Party for one of the girls at work. I was so excited too. It was at the Chinese buffet, and I was so honored to be invited to a work function. Thankfully, I didn't tell anyone that I was for sure going. But, since I was already craving Chinese food, I decided to order some carry-out from the Chinese restaurant up the street from our neighborhood. What a fantastic decision!!!! It was SOO good! Although, I definitely ordered way too much food. I  feel super gross now, but now I have some delicious leftover Chinese to stuff my face with tomorrow night when I get home from a long day of work. YAY! 
Okay, well I'm gonna watch some tv until I fall asleep.


  1. You really need a power of attorney! I carried one for years and years! It comes in handy at all times. AAFES wouldn't even let me pay our credit card unless I had it on-hand. It was insane!! It'll save you a lot of headaches if you get one. :)

  2. well, i have one, it's just hard to explain that to a customer service guy on the phone, who doesn't even really speak english...

  3. Oy- good luck figuring it all out! Also, to brighten your day, I left you something over at my blog :)