Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 38: Am I a push-over?

Today was quite a long day.
I went to orientation from 8-10:15, and came home for lunch, and was pleasantly surprised when Kent got on facebook chat. We got to talk on there for about 15 minutes or so, and he warned me that he wouldn't be on Skype again tonight, so that I wouldn't worry like I did last night....
Then it was back to orientation where we learned about diversity in our classrooms and curriculum. We also learned how to correctly discipline and guide the children in the classroom.
When we were done at 3, I called my center, and asked to speak to the infant lead. I asked her if she needed me today, and she said no, that I could go home for the day. So, I happily drove across town to do some shopping before the busy shopping hours started.  At about 3:45, I got a call from my center director, asking if I could go over to another center, that really needed help. I explained that I was on the other side of town, and that it would probably take about 20-30 minutes to get there depending on traffic, and she said that was okay, and that they really just needed me to run breaks for a couple of rooms. So, I drove all the way back to base, and got to the center around 4:20ish, and the director of that center seemed very confused as to why I was told to come there.  But, since I was already there, they had me stay, and I ended up in the toddler room until 5:45....
I was so mad that I had to go back in. I had a nice afternoon planned....So much for that.
I'm just scared that I'm being too much of a push-over when it comes to accepting hours. I know I should be taking all the hours I can get before I'm done with training, and my hours decrease, but this week is wearing me out quick.
Thankfully, it's over halfway done.
Just two more days.
Then, the weekend. Which I guess should be exciting? But, I'm not really doing anything....
O well. I'll hang out with Peaches.

Oh! My night ended quite well! Kent called me just a little bit ago, since he couldn't talk to me on Skype, and it was get to HEAR from him, like actually HEAR the sound of his voice!!

Ok, that's enough for today. I gotta go get ready for another day as a caregiver.

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