Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 29: Peaches and Petraeus

Well, I finally made the trek back down to TN, and I'm so elated to be back with my kitty cat. Peaches was SOOO happy when I got home. Made me feel really good that she missed me this weekend.  I missed her too, surprising as that might sound. I missed her crazy antics, and her annoying habits while I'm trying to get things done. Plus, she's my bed-mate, so it was really strange to sleep in a bed all by myself, without my cat.

This morning, I got up in time to hug my mom good-bye before she left for work at 7:30, which was good, because then I was able to call my boss at 8, right when the center was open, and let her know that I was still stuck in St. Louis, and that I wouldn't be able to come into work today, and I felt really guilty because she said one of the girls had called in sick, and was actually wondering if I would be able to come in for the whole day. But, she was very understanding, and thankfully, I didn't get yelled at. 

So, then Dad and I headed out to his parents' house to get my family's old coffee table and end table that have been stored in their basement for quite some time.  I have decided that my living room needs a coffee table, and boy was I right! Now, the living room feels much more complete. LOVE it!

As I was driving back down South, I was not expecting snow at ALL. The radars last night all said that it was just supposed to be rain, so when I got into Kentucky, and started seeing snow accumulation, and plows, I was very shocked.  So, of course, I couldn't quite make it all the way up the driveway. Thankfully, now I have a snow shovel, so I was able to clear the walkway, and the area around my tires, in order to be able to pull into the garage, to get my car out of the weather. YAY! I'm a grown-up now!!

I can't wait for Kent to get online so I can tell him all about my day, and hear about his wonderful experience yesterday, when he got to meet Gen. Petraeus!! SOSOSOSOOOO Proud of my man!!!

-From one Proud Army Wifey!-

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