Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 46: Don't pick on the new kid...

So, today I really felt like the new kid at school while I was at work.
I felt like the other workers just assumed that I knew everything already, and when it turned out that I didn't know exactly where a form was located, or what to do with the end-of-the-day paperwork, I was instantly judged as just being plain stupid. It was so frustrating. Yes, I understand that I'm brand new and that I don't know how everything is done yet, but don't make me feel stupid. Please understand that not only am I new, but I've NEVER worked in a daycare as a caregiver. Yesterday, when I changed my first diaper to be approved, that was the first diaper I had changed since I was 15 years old. I don't really know how to give a baby a bottle, or rock a baby to sleep in the rocker, or do much of anything. But, I'm not an idiot. I'm actually a very fast learner, if I could only find someone who would be willing to teach me.

Besides being treated like an eight year-old at work, today was alright.
Currently, we are now towards the back-end of a terrible thunderstorm, so there's lots of thunder and lightning, which is upsetting, because my lights keep flickering...eek
But at about 9pm, it was terrifying! That's when the worst part of the storm came through town, and there was a tornado warning, flash flood warning, and sightings of hail and tornadoes nearby. So, as soon as my satellite cut out, and I heard the tornado sirens in town, I grabbed a bottle of water, my cell phone, a big blanket, and my laptop and headed to the hall bathroom, which is the only room in my house without a window. Once I got there, I freaked out because I didn't know where Peaches was, and I didn't want a tornado to hit without knowing where my Peaches was! So, I sat there, calling her name over and over again, until finally she came cautiously walking into the bathroom to join me. I sat there for a couple of minutes, staring at, and finally decided to call my mom, because I was so freaked out. Thankfully, my mom is a very understanding lady, and talked to me until the worst part was past, and I am very grateful for that! Before I called her, I was sitting there imagining the worst possible outcome!!

So anyway, then I got to talk to Kentworth, and complain to him about being treated badly at work, so it was good to rant a little bit. I can't wait for him to be home so I can complain as soon as I get home, instead of having to wait until 9:30 for our skype date. :P

Anyway, I'm very thankful that my house is still standing, and that Peaches and I are still safe and sound.
But, that's all for tonight.
I'm going to try and go to sleep, but I'm not sure if it's really going to work, with all of this thunder and lightning....
Much love to all!

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