Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 44: Back in the groove?

Today was so much better than this weekend. I actually have things to blog about! Get Excited!!

So, this morning, I got up to take my shower, and was in the process of getting into my shower, when I noticed a big black spider at the corner of my tub that was about the size of a quarter. Needless to say, I FREAKED out!!! I'm one of those people who completely overreacts about spiders.So, I screamed bloody murder, grabbed a flip flop, and stared at the spider, with flip flop in hand, for about 5 minutes, contemplating on how to kill said spider. My solution was as follows:
Step 1: Pull shower curtain out of the tub, for ample attack area
Step 2: Turn on water.
Step 3: Stare at spider and try to decide what to do next.
Step 4: Splash spider with water, using flip flop as splasher.
Step 5: Wait for spider to get sucked into the main body of water in the tub
Step 6: Hope that spider drowns.
Step 7: Realize water is not working, and resort to using flip flop to smash the spider.
Step 8: Scream
Step 9: Turn off water, pick spider up with toilet paper.
Step 10: Flush spider down the toilet.

Yes. That is how I kill spiders.
So, anyway, after all of that unnecessary drama, I took a nice hot shower, and then made myself a salad with baby spinach, turkey, and some shredded cheese. Yum Yum. Then, I got to talk to Kent for a little bit before heading off to work at 12:30. Our conversation wasn't as long as it usually is, because he was online about an hour and a half later than usual, because of a problem that one of his guys is having with some online college classes.
Then, it was off to the infant room! It was so good to be back in the room with the kiddos again! They just never cease to crack me up. Apparently, though I need some work on my naptime skills. It feels like I'm the only one who doesn't know how to put the kids to sleep. I rub their backs, and pat their backs, but I guess I just don't know the foolproof tricks yet. It's a little frustrating.
Also, I learned today that you're not allowed to call them "kids", because apparently it's politically incorrect. I guess since baby goats are called "kids", that it's supposed to be a negative term for the children. Anyway, I was told that if there's an inspector in the room, that I'm either supposed to call them by their names, DUH, or call them "children" or "friends". I think it's just silly.

So, today was much better. I love having stories, even if they're not the most interesting! :P
I'm so happy to be among other people again!
Here's hoping that tomorrow's even better!
much love!!!


  1. Hooray!!! Great spider technique!

  2. That's how I kill spiders too!!!!!
    Glad you're enjoying time with your new friends ;)