Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 34: You Gotta Have Friends

Today started out just like any other. I talked to Kent online, took a shower (Gasp! I know!) and got ready to go out and get some groceries and spend some time walking around Hobby Lobby.
I pulled the car out of the garage, walked down to the mailbox and got my mail, and got in my car, and began to drive away.  As I turned the corner, I noticed a large box sitting on my front step. So, I drove around the neighborhood, and pulled back into the driveway, and went up and grabbed the box.
It was from Brianna, my longtime friend and former roommate. She had told me earlier in the week that she had found a towel of mine in her apt, and she wanted my address to send it to me. Even though I could really care less about said towel, (I obviously hadn't missed it yet), I was looking forward to getting some mail!

So I got back in the car, and decided to open it right then and there, because I was curious why a package that supposedly only contained a towel was so heavy, and in such a large box. When I opened it, I instantly started crying. Yes, the towel was there, but it was accompanied by an assortment of wonderful things such as DVDs, a finger bowling set, glitter crayons, a coloring book, some children's bubble bath, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also included, was an envelope that contained a letter from each one of my closest girlfriends from Truman. I was so overwhelmed with their love and support, that I had to sit there, in my car, in my driveway, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and BAWL. Like a Baby! I never expected anything like that, and if DEFINITELY made my day, my week, my month, my YEAR! So, K-Wags, K-Rick,Pat, Val, and Brianna, you girls are amazing, and now, I think I'm like 100 times more homesick! But, it was the best gift I could ask for. It's good to know that Kent's not the only one getting care packages.  I can't wait to treat myself to a lovely kids' bubble bath on Valentine's Day, and eat Great Value Nutty Bars, and an entire package of Oreo Fudgees! It's gonna be EPIC!

After my good cry, I set out to run my errands. And what a mistake I made.  Clarksville is WAY too small for the amount of people who live here. This town needs another mall. Or at least another major shopping area, because Wilma Rudolph (the main stretch of stores, including the Mall) makes me want to scream. The traffic on the weekends is so unbearable that it took me a little over half an hour to get out of the parking lot on one side of the road (at Hobby Lobby), and into the parking lot of Target, which was directly across the street. I saw at LEAST 10 almost accidents in the span of one stoplight cycle, and I almost got hit basically every 3 minutes. I can't imagine how bad the traffic will be once all of the brigades are home. I will surely dread going out...
Anyway, my errands went well, besides the awful traffic, and I got a sweet pair of jeans at Target for 14 dollars! Wahoo!
Once home, I fixed myself a smoked pork chop for dinner, along with rice, and peas and carrots. DE-licious!
Then I watched Pride & Prejudice on TV. It was the first time I actually watched it, and it was good. I don't really get all of the hype around it, but it was good.

Tonight was frustrating though. Kent was unable to sign into Skype, so we spent the half hour he gets on the computer talking on Facebook chat. It was still good to talk to him, but now I really look forward to real conversations with him, and not just IMing back and forth.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on going to the 8am church service, so that I can be back to the house by 9:30, and then I can talk to Kent. Hopefully Skype will be more cooperative in the morning than it was tonight...

Despite the Skype mishaps tonight, Today was the best day I've had yet. Thank you again to my wonderful girls for sending me such a lovely package!
Gobs and Gobs of Love!

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