Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 39: So much better

Today was so much better than yesterday. Not to say that it was perfect, I mean I almost got into an accident (which I will admit was my fault). But compared to the last couple of days, it was much much better.

I went to orientation and learned about proper food safety, how to properly use Family-Style Dining, all about Creative Curriculum, and Baby Sign Language. After we got through the food safety stuff, the day was very entertaining. During the Creative Curriculum part, I got to paint a picture with water colors, and then relate it to how and what it teaches children, such as working well with others, and the use of their fine motor skills. Then it was time for lunch.
Then, Baby sign language, which has been one of the most fascinating courses we've had this week.  I've been really looking forward to learning how to communicate better with babies who are unable to speak yet.

And after Orientation was over, and I called my boss to find out if they needed me to come in this afternoon, she told me that I was free to go home for the day. I was so ecstatic! I immediately headed to Kohl's to use my 30% off coupon that I have right now, and I spent an entire 2 hours walking around and looking at EVERYTHING. It was so relaxing. I didn't even really buy that much, I just really needed some time to walk around and not think about anything in particular. I just wanted to shop. Not necessarily buy, but shop. Now, don't get me wrong. I bought stuff. But nothing too outrageous. I got 3 shirts, a nightgown, a belt, and two boxes of Valentine's Day Ghiradelli chocolates for a dollar a box. yay!! So proud of myself.

Anyway, then I came home and made a HUGE cheeseburger on my George Foreman.  Like it was too big of a burger. I completely underestimated oh well.  I think it ended up being like 1/2 pound of burger. Now, I feel a little sick.

THEN, Kentworth called me on skype!! He got up EXTRA early to be able to Skype with me! He's the best!! I mean he had to be up and in the FDC super early, but he got up even earlier just to walk over to the MWR and get on Skype. I'm so blessed.
The only bad thing was that his mic didn't work again. I don't know why it's not working. It's like some of the computers' mic jacks are completely broken, and any type of mic won't make a difference.
Anyway. I'm super excited for this week to be over. But, one good thing is that I'm done tomorrow at 1pm. Chances are though, I'll be going into the center after that. But that's ok. The weekend's just around the corner!!!

Okay, well I need to go watch Jersey Shore. lol.

Much love to all!

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  1. Girl, i think working is great for you.
    Maybe I'm wrong.