Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 41: I love Saturdays

Today was good.

I woke up on my own at 9am, and stayed in bed watching tv until the hubby got online. Our morning conversation was a mixture of bad and good. Bad, because my skype cut out halfway through our conversation and I had to restart my wireless card in order to reconnect, but his mic was working finally, which was really awesome!
Then, it was off to the post office, and I mailed Kent his second package.  Early this week, I was certain that I wouldn't be able to send him anymore packages, but hopefully this one gets to him before he leaves.

So, then after the post office, I went to Goodwill, and bought myself a scrub smock to wear while I'm at work. Many of the ladies wear them, and I've been wanting to get one of my own, so that I don't have to worry about my shirt getting dirty.  Plus, it was only 4 dollars! yay for Goodwill!

Then came the challenge of dinner for tonight. I had a pound of ground turkey that I had no idea what to do with, but I knew I wanted to try and use my crockpot.  So, I finally found a recipe online for a slow cooker taco soup, that you could use any kind of meat with. I went out to the store to get a few ingredients that I didn't have, and put al the ingredients in my crockpot, browned the meat, added that in, let it cook for 2 hours on High, and it was SOOO good. Perfect. I don't think I've had soup that good in a very long time. Also, now I have 5 different single-servings of leftovers to eat this week. If you want the recipe that I used, then here's the link: Taco Soup Recipe
When I made it, I used MILD rotel, and didn't add the can of green chiles, because I didn't want it to be too spicy. It turned out not spicy at all, so if you want the spice...go for it!

Anyway, I felt like a very accomplished cook!!
I will definitely be breaking out the crockpot more often.

This weekend is already turning out to be a good one, and I've still got two guaranteed days to rest up before it's back to work I go!
Maybe tomorrow, I'll actually clean my house up a bit....It's not looking so good.
Ok, that's all for tonight. Time to get ready for bed and watch some SNL!!
Much Love!

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