Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 28: Glee-tastic!

Today was a pretty great day.
I got up at 8am, feeling wonderful. I slept super hard last night, and that makes me really happy.

Went to church with the rents. We ordained and installed our new Pastor of Children's Ministry this morning.  He was my youth group leader growing up, so it was cool to get to get him Pastor this morning, instead of just BK.

After church, mom and I went to US Cellular to turn in Kent's deployment orders, so we can get his phone suspended, and hopefully save me some money.  Then, it was off to the Goodwill, for some bargains, and after that, we headed to Sam's. I'm super excited, because I finally got a membership there! I can't wait to go and buy an insane amount of all of my daily essentials! lol.

Then, the Packers won, which I was happy about, because I'm not very fond of the Steelers. And THEN, it was FINALLY time for the new Glee episode. Elation!
Now, I get to call in to work in the morning, and find out if I should try my darnedest to get back in time for my shift, or if they're okay with me missing work tomorrow.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Much love! Go Packers!

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