Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 36: Quite an ordeal

I know that many who read this blog have been waiting on pins and needles to find out how my Valentine's Day went today.  Well, it had it's up's and down's. I woke up at 6:30 and took a shower, and after that, Kent called me to wish me a happy 4 year! I love him so much. Then it was off to my first day of orientation. I was expecting to be miserable, but it was actually not too bad. I made some friends, and have already begun to be the butt of jokes, as well as a giver of jokes (don't worry, I'm picking on others too! :-P)
So, at lunch time, I went home, because I had quite a long lunch, and on the way back out of the house, I found a placard in the front yard, that I'm assuming was once on my front door, saying that I had missed a flower delivery! Kent had sent me flowers!!! It's amazing how such a trying time in our lives can actually make our relationship stronger than ever. I feel so close to my husband, even though he's on the other side of the world. 
So, anyway. I had to get back to base for my afternoon session of orientation, so I decided to call the number that was on the placard once I had a break at 2. Thinking that I would be done at 3, like I was supposed to, I told the guy that I would be home after 3. Well, I was mistaken. Before leaving for home, we were all required to call our respective centers to find out if they needed us to come in our not. So, when I called in after orientation, my boss informed me that the lead in the infant room had forgotten that I had orientation this week, and so she had planned on my being there this afternoon. SO, I had to go in for TWO hours. Completely pointless. Especially, because all I wanted to do, was go home and wait for my flowers. I was so frustrated.
AND, to top it all off, when I got to the center, it turns out, they only had like 7 kids left, so I wasn't really needed, but for some reason, I was still there until 5. Ridiculous.
When I finally got home, I was surprised not to find another placard on the door, or in the yard, so to my knowledge, the delivery man did not come back by in my absence.  So, I sat in the living room, with the front door open, waiting. I thought maybe since it was Valentine's Day, that deliveries would be extended later into the evening.

I never got my flowers.

I was livid.

AND, I have NO idea how I will ever GET my flowers.
I have to work everyday this week from 8-5.
Apparently, I wasn't meant to have a great day. I was MEANT to go to bed tonight peeved at the world, and praying that tomorrow will be better.
I can't wait until April....

P.S. Today marks the halfway mark in February, which is somewhat reassuring. I guess.


  1. You're ok. You know your husband rocks by sending you flowers. You'll get them eventually. :) I hope your day goes better today!

  2. You work every day 8-5?!?!???
    That's great!!
    You get to play with babies!!!!!!!!!!!