Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 59: Wednesday, Wednesday

I'm so happy that this week is almost over. I'm so excited for my parents to get here on Saturday! I just hope we can find enough stuff to do that's cheap and/or free during the week!
AND, my room lead said that she would do her best to get me a day off next week, which would be excellent! Also, I'm really looking forward to some home-cooked meals. I feel like I eat the same stuff everyday, so it'll be good to be able to cook for 3 instead of just one.
Work today was....long.
I was only there for 5 hours, but it felt like the last 2 hours took FOREVER! We had so many children screaming and crying all at the same time, that I thought I was going to lose my mind! One of them was obviously super tired, and began to scream and wail uncontrollably, so we put him on a cot and attempted to get him to go to sleep. Well, that little boy screamed and screamed for about 40 minutes. He REFUSED to go to sleep. When we finally gave up and took him off the cot to change his diaper, he was covered in slobber, and I did my best to clean him up. I'm still not completely sure why he was so upset. I think it was maybe because he was SO tired that he just couldn't sleep. I don't know. When his mom showed up, she said that he's been having problems falling asleep lately, and that it wasn't completely out of the ordinary for him to do that.

SOOO yeah.
My head hurts pretty bad after the day I had today.
I just had to take a little break from blogging, because Kent just called me, and we spent about 15 minutes discussing his leave once he gets home. He has to turn in the paperwork soon, and I guess he was working on filling it out, so he decided to call me and make sure the details were set.
SOOO, now I'm super peppy and giddy! I can't wait to have my man home, so we can drive all around the country visiting various relatives and friends! YAY!! We're going up through St. Louis, and up to his home area first to see his friends and family, and visiting Truman people while we're in the area, which should be a great time, and then we're going back down to my parents' house to see them for a couple days and visit with my friends and family, before heading back home to spend some quality time together relaxing.
So, I guess I have some leave slips to turn in this week at work!! EEEEEEE!!
Ok, I'm going to TRY and go to sleep!

Night All!

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  1. yayyy!! I"m so happy he is coming home to you!! :) I hope i get to see you guys when you come up and visit! I miss you both!