Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 61: Excitement is brewing!

Well, I guess I now have an extra day to prepare for my parents' arrival. As it turns out, my dad has to work tomorrow, so my parents won't be arriving until sunday. :(
But that's alright, because now I have more time to clean! lol. I really need to clean Peaches' litter box, it's getting scary in there. haha!
Today was very much like the rest of this week. Got up, got to talk to KENT!! YAY! Went to work and took care of babies all day, which was good. Today was pretty relaxed at work, which was awesome. We had three new babies who were all younger than 3 months, which was nuts, but they were all pretty easy-going. Also, I'm SO glad that I don't have to work Super Saturday tomorrow. My back is KILLING me! I'm sure that means that I'm picking up the children incorrectly, but I tried to do it the "proper" way today, and almost fell on my face, with a baby in my arms. Thankfully, my cat-like reflexes kicked in, and I saved myself. Regardless, I will probably just stick to my awful way of lifting them! o well...
After work, I headed to the PX to get a few things, and ended up with half a cart full of stuff that I've been meaning to get. I'm now the proud owner of a paper towel holder and a toothpick holder, which I have been restraining from purchasing since we moved to Tennessee in November! Also, after the PX, I drove out to Target and got a lazy susan for my kitchen table, as well as bath mats for both of our bathrooms. Now, I feel like my house looks just a bit more complete than before. I'm slowly but surely making it more and more homey. It makes me excited to have nice things and be able to enjoy them, even if they're not completely essential to my life.
Another thing I'm really excited about is that my friends that went to Florida for spring break are stopping in Clarksville on their way back up to Misssouri!! YAY! Best day ever! AND, it's not going to just be for a quick chat at a McDonald's! We're going to go somewhere to eat. Like, a sit-down restaurant. I get to see friends, and talk with people who aren't 16 months old! YAY!! I'm super uber excited! Hopefully it all works out!!
Anyway, I'm exhausted, so I'm going to close up shop for the night, and rest up for my day of cleaning and laughter with some great friends!
Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy!

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