Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 80: Making Friends Over Soup!

Well, thankfully, I was able to find my checkbook today! I'm so relieved! Especially, since I got to work, and couldn't find it anywhere. I was completely freaking out, and debating whether I should call the bank before I left work or wait until I got home and looked one more time. Then, after work, I went out to my car, and decided to look in there again. After no luck looking from the driver's seat, I decided to walk around to the other side of the car, and check the passenger side better. LUCKILY, it was sitting on the floor next to the passenger seat, wedged between the seat and the door. It was the biggest sigh of relief that I've had in a LONG time! It was fantastic!
So, now, I can successfully pay my rent on Friday, as well as pay for the tee-shirts that Kent had me order from his Battalion. What a great day!
After finding my checkbook, I decided to attend Wednesday Lenten Service at Church. And I'm really glad that I did, because I met some people while at the "Soup and Bread" portion of the festivities, and sat with a very lovely woman named, "Cindy" during the service. I'm slowly beginning to feel more and more welcome at this church, and that makes me feel so better about my life here. It's just nice to feel welcomed, and included in something bigger than myself.

Ummmm, what else?
Not much else happened today. But, good news! Tomorrow's finally the last day of March!!! Another month closer to the end of this deployment!
G'night everyone!

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