Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 62: Clorox Wipes and Onion Rings

Today was awesome!
After talking with the hubby in the morning, I took a nice, long shower, which was absolutely fantastic! I even took the time to shave my legs, so that I could wear capris today! Yay! Which brings me to the next awesome part of today. It was beautiful outside! Absolutely gorgeous! I wore capris and a short sleeve shirt, and I wasn't cold at all! Spring's coming, which means that the day that Kent comes home is getting closer too! YAY!!

ALSO, I got my $8 Crocs in the mail today! I had gotten a very confusing email from Dick's Sporting Goods, which is where I had ordered them from, telling me that my order was cancelled, due to incorrect product information. But, I had already gotten an email confirming my order with them. So, I just decided to wait and see if I got the shoes anyway. So, this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the box sitting inside my screen door! Yay for cheap shoes! And, I wore them all day, and my feet don't even hurt, so I fully plan on wearing them to work this summer, because our dress code states that we have to have closed-toe shoes. And for all of you who detest the duck-like shape that most crocs give you, like I do, they look like actual shoes, which is awesome. Here's a picture:

Anyway, I love my new shoes, and I love that I only paid $8 for them!

After my shower, and after getting my crazy cool new shoes, I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I even moved Peaches' litter box into MY bathroom as opposed to the hall bathroom, because she keeps getting litter all over the place, and since my parents are going to be here for a week, I didn't want them to have to deal with that all week. Annnd, I cleaned both barhrooms, cleaned my stove top with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and even made my bed! lol

Then, about 3 hours later, I decided to head out into this beautiful weather and run a couple more errands. Don't worry, I had the sun roof and my windows open, and music blaring! I went by Walgreen's, and then went to the nearest Valvoline and got my oil changed, finally, and got my back tire filled up by some professionals. I was so proud of myself. After that, I spent like an hour walking around Hobby Lobby, without buying anything (I still don't know how that happened), and went to TJ Maxx, followed by stopping by Kohl's to exchange a belt that I had gotten that was WAY too big for me!

Finally, my wonderful day ended with a lovely visit from my friends from school!! They were in Florida for spring break this week, and on their way back up to Missouri, they stopped by my house and went out to dinner with me! I was so happy to see them again, and to finally get out of my house with other people! Not to mention, people that I can be myself with! I feel like the girls at work don't really know how I behave outside of work, so it was nice to just be a goofball again, and forget my stresses for an hour or so.
We went to the sports bar up the street from my house that I've been wanting to go to for a while, but haven't had the courage to go by myself. So, with friends in tow, I ventured into the unknown, hoping that the food was good, as well as the atmosphere. I was SO surprised at how yummy the food ended up being. Nothing too fancy, we all had cheeseburgers, but they were fantastic! Also, I got onion rings with my cheeseburger, and they were some of the best onion rings I've had in a while! So good! I hope that I can go back there quite often, since it's so close, that I could probably walk there if the weather is nice enough. (But, I'll wait until I have someone here with me, that I can walk with...I don't like walking alone in the dark)
All in all, a very great day!! Thanks to Pat, Julie, Megan, Lisa, and Rob for stopping in Clarksville just for me! Safe travels on the rest of your drive!! Hopefully, you will all still be in Kirksville when Kent and I visit in May!!!
I'm tired.

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