Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 73: Tardiness is not Appreciated

Well, today I finally had a day where nothing got me choked up. I'm very proud of that fact. I was even able to talk about my aunt's passing with a couple of my co-workers. I didn't get into any details, but now there a few people at work who know that my aunted passed away this past weekend. Which I think is progress. But, it was mostly because people kept asking me if I wanted to work for them this weekend for Super Saturday, and I kept saying "no" because I don't want to get roped into working, and then either want to, or have to go home. So, I would answer, "Well, I would, but my aunt just passed away on Saturday, so I want to keep my weekend open, in case I have to go home." They understood, but none of them really seemed concerned about my loss. They were mostly concerned with the fact that I can't work for them...sigh.. Oh Well. I guess I can't ask for everyone to be super understanding and sympathetic. Maybe I should have started crying to get them to see that I'm upset about the situation. Whatever.
Ok. umm, work was pretty good. Nothing super crazy happened. Just another day.
After work, I went to the Commissary on post to get a couple groceries. While perusing the aisles, I got a call from my hubby! I was shocked, because it was like 5:30pm our time, which means it was like 3:00am his time. He said that he was waiting for one of his men to show up for duty, apparently he was already 3 hours late, and he was just curious as to how late he was going to decide to be. He sounded so tired and angry, I felt so bad for him. He shouldn't be dealing with such laziness. Especially since the soldier was one of his higher enlisted men. This guy should be setting an example to the other soldiers, but instead, he's apparently been showing up late to his post repeatedly.
I don't know. I just think it's ridiculous. In the civilian world, if that guy showed up late day after day, he would lose his job. It just seems crazy that there aren't more consequences in today's Army.
Oh well. I just hope that Kent laid down the law when that guy finally decided to show up to work. I really hope that he told him what for!
Anyway. Kent warned me that he was most likely not going to be getting on skype tonight, since he was still awake 6 hours ago, and I completely understand. That man needs his sleep! But, it's still hard to get myself to go to bed without yakking at him. At least he called me! :)
Sometimes I think I'm the luckiest army wifey in the world!

Okay, speaking of needing sleep, this Army Wife/Baby Caregiver needs quite a bit of it.
Sending my love to all of my diligent readers!!

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